Evidence of effectiveness – Professionals

Our children are learning about senses so by asking the children what things smelt and felt like was helping towards our topic at nursery. It was good when you talked about different dangerous materials and then each child talked about their own thought and ideas

It is a good way to get parents involved and get them supporting us by delivering the same messages

Children fully engaged with a lovely safety message and all children were encouraged to participate. Thank you

The children enjoyed all aspects of the session. The interaction was fantastic. They enjoyed participating/using the puppets and playing the games. Excellent session which clearly got the message over and we will follow this up in class. Thank you

The children enjoyed the interactive nature of the session with easy to remember gestures . The games encouraged the children to think. Session could involve more dangers in the home - Year 3 Class, Primary School, Tipton A great session where the children were engaged from beginning to end. The children responded enthusiastically to the important health & safety messages. Thanks

Evidence of effectiveness – Parents, Carers and Guardians

'My 3 year old little girl and I were in the kitchen. I went to put the washing liquid – tabs away in the cupboard under the sink. She was sat in her high chair watching me and she said, ‘Mommy No!’. I asked her what she meant and she said, ‘Dog, Duck and Cat said put them away safely, that’s not safe!’. My daughter and I had read the Smells Good, Tastes Good story and it had obviously had an impact on her'

'I read the stories to my Daughter who is 7, on the day that you gave the books to me. The one that made the biggest impact was about the dog! She has a tendency to stroke any dog that she comes into contact with regardless of me telling her not too! The lists at the back of the book, the do's and don'ts really made her think about her actions. She related to it only yesterday, advising my 4 year old cousin on how to stroke a dog sensibly, and when to stroke and not stroke a dog. The book must of made an impact on her'

'Hi Jon, I just wanted to tell you about the impact that the Dog, Duck and Cat book on using a seat belt has had on my little girl. My 5 year old daughter had just discovered how to undo her seat belt, so I gave her a copy of dog duck and cat to read and she has never unclipped herself again and reassures me that she won’t! Thanks again for sharing the book –she loved reading it and the message has really done the trick'

'It’s just nice having something to use with the kids, something to start the conversations I know I need to have with them'

'Hi Jon, I managed to share DDC with a few family members and friends. All feedback was good with comments such as ... informative, child related, short but straight to the point and educational'