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Soggy Moggy

Children need to know that what they do online can have an effect on people in the offline (real) world.

We want your children, and you as parents and carers, to be aware of this.

Our aim is to ensure children understand how to interact appropriately with people online and what can happen to them and others if they don’t do that. We want them to know how to say sorry, a skill in itself, if they need to and know why it is important to do that. We also want them to know what they need to do if they feel they are being affected in any way by things that are said and done online.

We would like you to read the story, Soggy Moggy, to your younger child(ren). Or why not ask one of your older children, if you have some, to read to their younger brothers or sisters. An older child would be a wonderful idea, as they can then learn all about this subject as well, as this is useful information for everyone one to know. We would then like you all to have a go at the quiz and the two activities we have for you.

Then read the second part of the story, Soggy Moggy – 'What happened next?', to finish off.

We very much hope that this helps you to make your child(ren) aware of how important it is to be kind, respectful and responsible online, and you have fun doing it too!

Activity: Moggy’s Pictures

Activity: Saying Sorry Scenarios

Information for parents - Helping your child become a good internet Citizen

Soggy Moggy Quiz

Take our quiz to see what you have learnt from this story!

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