What's Up Duck?

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your mind to be fully engaged in the present. It is a technique used to increase awareness of our own thoughts, the feelings in our body and the world around us. The practice is a reminder to focus on ‘the Here and Now’ and an activity that should be open to everyone as it is beneficial for children and adults alike.

Why is this beneficial?

Practicing mindfulness has been found to increase our mental wellbeing and decrease anxiety, stress and low mood (Stanford University). By focusing the mind on a particular task, both children (and adults) can find that their mind does not wander onto negative thoughts as readily and in turn can help pupils steady their mind.

How long should mindfulness last?

There are many different mindfulness activities, ranging from a couple of minutes to over 20. Included are three activities for you to use straight away that we have found work well with children (but adults seem to like them too!)

When should we run mindfulness?

This is completely up to you. Mindfulness can be an excellent way to focus at the beginning of the day. It could also be beneficial to add activities in to your child’s day, or you could find time towards the end of the day to add in a longer activity. Activities can also be used to help a child regain their calm.

How do I introduce this to the children?

Mindfulness can be a flexible exercise to incorporate and introduce into the day. After identifying when you would like to run it, take a look at the resources available and decide which you’d like to run. All of the resources and suggestions will include instructions on how to run the activity.