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Safety Checklist - Really important, maybe even lifesaving, information

  • We do not wish to scare your child(ren) or tell them that alcohol is completely bad. Parents, family and others known to them may drink and we need to be aware of this. The aim is to make your child(ren) aware of the risks in an informative and factual way without scaring them.
  • We want to make your child(ren) aware that the use of alcohol should really be an adult activity.
  • We are aware that you might give your child(ren) a very small quantity of alcohol on special occasions such as at a wedding. We do not want to demonise parents/primary carers or scare children. Trying alcohol is a part of growing up for many young people from many cultures. The most important word is 'trying'. We do not condone or recommend regular alcohol use, especially by your child(ren) in this age range.
  • When we say a small quantity we mean a sip or 'little try' not a drink for your chid(ren) of their own. Children have died from drinking too much alcohol and 'too much' might not be a great deal! Remember they are young small so the effects of even a small amount of alcohol could be severe.
  • Make sure you point out to the child you are reading the story to, that they should only put things in their mouth that are given to them by an adult they can trust.
  • Make sure that everyone in your home works together to think safely, make sure they all know about the messages in this story. Make sure older children are aware of alcohol safety, to protect themselves and to look out for younger children they may play with or help you to keep an eye on.

And please make sure your child(ren) knows and understands this one very important thing…

  • Remember to tell your child(ren) that if they are ever worried or have done something that might be dangerous then they should tell you straight away - it could save their life.
  • You might get cross with them later on but you would help them straight away if something bad had happened.
  • 'I love you and want to keep you safe' is the message you want them to remember!