4 and Above
The very grand event
The very grand event

In this story we learn that moving our bodies more, eating well, and most of all having fun whilst we do this, is the best feeling ever!

Aims of this story

We want to encourage your children and your family to spend more time together and have lots of fun. We want to encourage you to move about a bit more, and do something like playing a game, so it does not feel like a chore for you. We have loads of ideas for you, just have a look in our 'MOVEMENT' section.

We also want to make you aware that what you eat has an impact on the way you think and how your body works. We want to remind you to have a healthy balanced diet which has more fruit and vegetables and less sweets, treats and takeaways. It's all about eating certain foods in moderation, so we can eat well and feel great.

Have a quick look through the story for yourself before reading it to your child or letting them read it for themselves.

There are many links and video's to watch for idea's and inspiration, click the 'Movement' and 'Food' buttons to have a look...

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Togetherness. Talking. Having Fun.