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The Caretaker’s Cupboard

In this story, Grass Snake and Weasel find themselves in a difficult situation, which helps others learn from their mistakes and how dangerous household products can be if not used correctly!

Aims of this story

In this story you will carry out an activity that looks at household products and the risks that come with them.

Have a chat with your child to see if they have ever been in a similar situation. Discuss any concerns they may have.

Key Messages

  • To understand that household products can be dangerous.
  • To ensure children know that aerosol use can be dangerous, without making them aware of how these products can be used to get ‘high’.
  • To understand that it is very important to be careful with aerosol cans, and to only use them for the job they are meant for.
  • To understand the implications of using aerosol cans incorrectly.
  • To ensure children understand if they use aerosols incorrectly there are serious potential consequences.
  • To ensure young people are aware of how to stay as safe as possible.

Explain to your child:

That you are now going to work on the ‘What am I sheet’.

Ask your child to match the picture to the description by drawing a line between them.

Activity: What am I...

Answers: What am I...

Ask your child:

To consider how these products could be dangerous.

If you see your child struggling, use some of the answers below to help them:

  • If drunk or eaten it can kill or make you very ill – all
  • If it goes in your eyes, it can sting or blind you – all
  • Aerosols can explode if they get very hot – all aerosol products
  • If spilt on skin it can burn – bleach

Explain to your child:

These risks are important for everyone to know – both children and adults must be aware.

Explain to your child:

You are now going to look at the ‘Aerosol Dangers True or False PowerPoint Quiz’.

To add a fun element, (print off if you can) the ‘True and False sheets’ so your child can hold up their answers when you show the powerpoint slides, or they can just shout out true or false - to see if they can score as many as possible!

Activity: Aerosol Dangers True or False

Ask your child:

As you are now aware of some of the dangers that household products can have, try to make up a simple safety slogan based around what you have learnt so far.

A simple idea could be:

Use an aerosol badly, and things could turn out sadly!

If you can, print off the ‘Safety slogan activity sheet’ and encourage your child to make up their own unique safety slogan.

Activity: Safety slogan

The Caretaker’s Cupboard Quiz

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