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Staying safe on holiday with Dog, Duck and Cat

In this story, Duck and Prickles find themselves in a difficult situation, and Dog, Cat and their families help rescue them from harm and keep them safe.

Aims of this story

In this story you will look at sun safety, and how we can help protect ourselves when we are out in it.

Have a chat with your child to see if they have any questions or concerns.

Key Messages

  • We need to respect the sun because if we don’t, we might regret it
  • Anyone can get burnt by the sun, no matter what skin colour they are
  • Playing in water is great fun, but we need to take care as it can be dangerous as well
  • Even very shallow water can be dangerous, especially to little children
  • Having skills needed to deal with difficult situations can help to keep us safe
  • We should try our best to help keep ourselves, and those we care about, safe

Ask your child:

What can happen if we aren’t careful when out in the sun?

We want to emphasise appropriate clothing and sun protection, helps to keep us safe and well.

Give the example to your child that Fire Fighters wouldn’t wear shorts and a T-shirt to put out a fire. They would wear fire proof clothing to protect them – it’s all about the right equipment for the correct task.

Now display the ‘Staying safe in the sun ACTIVITY’ sheet and work together to decide which of the items would be needed to help stay safe in the sun.

Activity: Staying safe in the sun

Answers: Staying safe in the sun

If you see your child struggling, Use the ‘Staying safe in the sun ANSWERS’ sheet, to help them.

Explain to your child:

  • Water is found in lots of different places: in the sea, in rivers, in canals, in swimming pools, paddling pools, baths, sinks and in glasses/cups we drink from.
  • If we respect it, water can be great fun to play in. But we HAVE to respect it, or it can be dangerous!

We are now going to play a little game to see if we can spot 4 different places, we should be aware of where there might be water danger. Show your child the ‘Staying safe around water ACTIVITY’ sheet and work together to identify the places, where there could be dangers around water.

Activity: Staying safe around water

Answers: Staying safe around water

Emphasise to your child:

  • All forms of water can be dangerous.
  • It only takes a very small amount of water for a person to get in to trouble, look what happened to Prickles!
  • Many people think ‘big’ water (sea, river, canal, pools) are the only types of water that can be dangerous, but as we learnt in the story – this is untrue!

Staying safe on holiday with Dog, Duck and Cat Quiz

Take our quiz to see what you have learnt from this story!

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