Duck's Fish

This Dog, Duck and Cat resource is different from many in the range. This story has been designed to help an adult (a teacher, professional or a Parent, Carer or Guardian) explain death to a child. You should only be using this resource with a child on a one to one basis, it is not designed to be used with large groups. And, it is very hard to talk about death with a child, well done to you for trying.

Practical Advice on how to use the story

  • Preparation is key - the more comfortable you are with his topic, the easier it will be to talk to your child. Read the story and make it your own. If you have any questions then email us at
  • You as an adult can use yourself as an example. If you have had to go through losing a loved one, a bereavement, you can talk about how you felt
  • Remember, it is ok to be sad and experience sadness after a death/loss, its normal!
  • It is very important to talk about our feelings at these times. Explaining this to a child is vital, you need them to talk about how they are feeling, you do not want them to bottle things up
  • Many people have religious beliefs. We haven't included any religious references in the story but this would be an ideal time for you to talk to your child about any beliefs you may have in relation to the bereavement
  • A death is a death no matter who it is. Pets dying can be just as upsetting as a person dying, don't minimise any type of death
  • Bereavement is the focus for the story, but loss of any kind is equally important, and shouldn't be ignored

On top of the story, here is a bit more advice about explaining about death...

  • Some people say death is like sleep, that is not right and it is not that helpful really. Sleep is more like rest mode on a tablet/phone, everything is powered down but can be woken very quickly
  • Death is very different. It is like turning your tablet/phone off, then removing the ability to ever turn it back on again
  • Basically please don't compare death to sleep
  • Talk about illness and previous deaths in the family, or connected to someone the child may know from the media, where appropriate. Death is a natural part of life of nothing to be scared of
  • We die because of BIG illness, or age, or accidents. Children do not need to worry about death, it is statistically very unlikely that they will die. Use yourself a an example, "I'm much older than you and I'm still here" may be a useful concept to use. This is a key message for children

Help and Support - A Child of Mine

  • "We can be there to hold your hand through he difficult days that lie ahead with information, guidance and support, from people who do understand." Gayle Routledge, Founder, A Child Of Mine, Registered charity 1152159
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