Little Paws; Cousin Dog or Wild Dog?

IMPORTANT: Please take time to read this information (BELOW) BEFORE reading the story


What is the... Little Paws; Cousin Dog or Wild Dog story about?

  • This story is designed for you to read to your child(ren) or to go through with them if they are reading it for themselves. Don't just read the story either, have a look at the pictures. What's happening? What's wrong? What would you do in that situation?
  • This story covers:
    • How to behave around dogs.
    • That if a dog is growling it's not happy so to stay away from it and go and tell an adult you can trust straight away.
    • That dogs and other animals should always be shown respect.
    • To always tell an adult you know you can trust if you are worried or scared.
    • Developing skills needed to deal with difficult situations.
  • Have a quick look through the story for yourself before reading it to your child or letting them read it for themselves.