Safer sleeping and careful cuddles

Safety Checklist - Really important, maybe even lifesaving, information

  • People just don't realise how dangerous sleeping with your child can be!
  • Please make this a RULE - DO NOT fall asleep with your child. We know how easy it can be, to fall asleep together, especially when we feel tired but there have been tragedies when this has happened. So, please make sure when you put your child down to sleep, or for a short nap, that they are in their own cot or basket. Please follow this simple rule... to avoid any possibility of a fatality happening
  • Always be aware where your child goes to sleep. For a child, going to sleep in the same place e.g. a cot/bed gives the child security and a good sleep
  • We must remember to reinforce these messages to keep our children safe and away from harm!
  • Make sure that everyone in your home works together to think safely, make sure they all know about the messages in this story. Make sure older children are aware of the risks of falling asleep with a baby/infant, and get them to help you keep everyone in the house safe

And please make sure your child(ren) knows and understands this one very important thing…

  • Remember to tell your child(ren) that if they are ever worried or have done something that might be dangerous then they should tell you straight away - it could save their life
  • You might get cross with them later on but you would help them straight away if something bad had happened
  • 'I love you and want to keep you safe' is the message you want them to remember, even if you may want to strangle them for being so stupid!!!