Under 4's
It smells good, BUT is it safe?

What is the... It smells good, BUT is it safe story about?

Aims of this story

This story is designed for you to read to your child(ren) or to go through with them if they are reading it for themselves. Don't just read the story either, have a look at the pictures. What's happening? What's wrong? What would you do in that situation?

Key Messages

  • Swallowing hazards and how many things a child could potentially eat or drink that could seriously hurt or kill them.
  • Cleaning products that smell and look good but are very dangerous to consume.
  • How safe storage of cleaning products can prevent accidents and incidents.

Things to do after reading the story

  • Have a go at the activities, they're fun and you and your child(ren) will enjoy them.
  • Make sure your child(ren) understand the messages from the story.
  • Make any changes at home, in the things you do or somewhere you and your child(ren) go, to help keep you all as safe as possible.

Activity: Where should Mommy Prickles...

Activity: It smells good, BUT is it safe? Colour the Picture

Choose a poster that can be printed out and displayed in your home

Activity: Products poster

Video: The importance of safety washing tablets

Visit your local library - You will find lots of interesting things there to read and do and it's all FREE!

It smells good, BUT is it safe? Quiz

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So remember...

Togetherness. Talking. Having Fun.