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Get ready to start school - Nappies and Toilets

What is Nappies and Toilets about?

Aims of this story

  • How to toilet/potty train your child(ren)
  • How to teach your child(ren) how to ask to go to the toilet
  • How to teach you child(ren) how to wash their hands
  • Night time routine - it’s called Bath, Book, Bed

Activity: Toilet Training Info-gram

Activity: Asking to go; The Toilet Song!

Activity: Hand Washing Advice

Activity: Bath, Book, Bed

Bath, Book, Bed

We know how hard it can sometimes be to get a child to go to bed, in fact we know sometimes it can be a real nightmare!

Getting them in to a routine is important. It can really help you as a Parent, Carer or Guardian too as it gives you some time for yourself once they are settled

It can help in all sorts of other ways as well, but we know routine setting can be tricky

But we think we’ve found a really good idea for you, it’s called Bath, Book, Bed

Here’s the link to the booklet

We don’t need to say anything else apart from… have a look through and enjoy using it!

And, if you have any questions just give us a shout link to asking a question

Visit your local library - You will find lots of interesting things there to read and do and it's all FREE!

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So remember...

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