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The Dog, Duck and Cat Trust want to help you teach your child, or the children you work with, about some of the things in their world that could potentially cause them some bother. Children have accidents, that’s just a fact of life, but if we can cut down their opportunities to hurt themselves then we can help keep them out of emergency departments, or worse!

We also want to help them to develop their core skills, skills that will be needed by them today and for the rest of their lives. We want them to understand want good friendships and relationships are, to know how they can help themselves, and, know when they should seek help from a trusted adult.

Dog, Duck & Cat Trust is a registered charity and as such we rely on donations in order to continue to offer our services and resources. If you would like donate in order to help our work please make a donation to us using the button above.

Stories for under 4's

Link to storybook: Smell Good, Taste Good?

Household product safety

Link to storybook: I Love MY Car Seat

Car Journey Safety

Link to storybook: What's in my mouth

Choking Hazard Awareness

Link to storybook: Please Don't Fall Asleep With Me

Safe Sleeping

Link to storybook: Get ready to start school - Nappies and Toilets
Link to storybook: Get ready to start school - dressing and undressing and trusting

Personal Skills and Developing Trust

Stories for 4 and above

Link to storybook: Sweets, treats, medicines and tablets

Medicine awareness and being honest

Link to storybook: What makes a real friend?

Alcohol Awareness and Being Kind

Link to storybook: That does not make you look more grown up

Tobacco Awareness and Acting Appropriately

Link to storybook: The Caretakers Cupboard

Product Safety and following Rules

Link to storybook: Keeping people safe

Household Product Safety

Link to storybook: Little Paws; Cousin Dog or Wild Dog?

Dog Safety

Link to storybook: On holiday with Dog Duck and Cat

Sun and Water Safety

Link to storybook: Talking about death with your child

Dealing with bereavement

Link to storybook: Caring for Cat

Developing Empathy for Others

Link to storybook: Weasel's Friends

Bullying and Exploitation

Link to storybook: What's Up Duck?

Working with emotions and Feelings

Link to storybook: You are great, as you are!

Racism, Prejudice, and Intolerance

Link to storybook:Cat the Pirate

Knife and Sharp Object Safety

Link to storybook: What happened to me?

Online Safety

Link to storybook: Burn and Scald Prevention Tips
Link to storybook: Teach Your Child How to Cross the Road Safely
Link to storybook: The very grand event

Movement and Recipe Ideas

Stories for Children 7 and above

Link to storybook: The Equality, Responsibility and Friendship (ERF) project

Ante-natal resources