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If you’ve enjoyed taking part in some of the ideas shown on this website, then why not share what you’ve done with others by making a little video? You could just use your phone to do this.

We’d love to see how you got on and anything new you might have tried. You can bet that others will want to see them too. Use the form below to send us your videos.

Please make sure that your video is:

  • Saved in either .mov or .mp4 format
  • No bigger than 512Mb

If you need to send us a file larger than 512Mb we recommend using WeTransfer. Just put our email address in the 'Email to' field along with your details and a brief message about your video before you send it to us.

You can watch a quick tutorial on how to send us a file via WeTransfer by watching a video we have made for you by clicking here!

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