Make it right

In the world we live in, we often see things that we feel are 'just not right!'. We at the Dog, Duck and Cat Trust do not like to sit by and see these things going on, so we decided to start a campaign to 'Make it right'.

We have included resources in the campaign, that look at a range of subjects, that we know people want to act on.

Have a look, deliver them to the children you work or live with, and help us make a positive change in their day to day lives.

And, why don't you send us some pictures, photos or artwork, of you 'Making it right', we've got a few to start you off to give you an idea...

Link to storybook: I Love MY Car Seat
Link to storybook: Sweets, treats, medicines and tablets
Link to storybook: What makes a real friend?
Link to storybook: Weasel's Friends
Link to storybook: You are great, as you are!