Ideas for your community charity event

To start your Dog, Duck and Cat (DDC) programme of delivery we would suggest you carry out your community charitable event. This gives the programme a natural start point, creates excitement and momentum, and is a way to advertise what you will be doing to Parents, Carers and Guardians, and get them engaged at the earliest possible opportunity.

Here are some ideas, that have been used successfully before, for your community charitable event:

  • Themed games for adults and children using DDC characters – further information available on request
  • Hold a No uniform day
  • Link to fire, police, ambulance etc - invite guests to your event who can help you educate on safety
  • Call the event a Safety Day and invite Parents, Carers and Guardians in. This could be a perfect opportunity to distribute printed resources, available where possible on request, for use in the home
  • Hold a car boot sale
  • Make masks, costumes and have a dressing up day. Prizes for best dressed could be offered
  • Sell baked goods and food. This could be made by people or donated by local businesses/businesses that Parents, Carers and Guardians own or work in
  • Hold a raffle with donated prizes
  • Hold a sponsored walk - costumes and themes have proven to be popular to combine with a sponsored walk
  • Run a Bring and buy sale
  • Run a read-a thon (sponsored reading) - Children are sponsored per page or book completed in a 2 week period!
  • Hold a Teddy bear’s picnic
  • Hold a ‘Welly walk’
  • Run a toy sale – donations of unwanted (good condition) toys
  • Hold a sponsored silence day - 1hr of silence
  • Book sale - children bring in books they no longer need…

Combinations of the above have been used successfully to fund raise for The DDC Trust. For more information, or to share any ideas for fundraising you may have, please contact us: