Bonding With Your Baby – A guide for all of you

Tuesday 7th December 2021

We have three useful guides for parents to be, and new parents, in our Parents, Carers & Guardians section .

The first one we are going to look at was specifically created for Moms. Did you know that talking to your baby and singing along to songs especially those with a strong regular beat comforts your baby bump because it reminds them of your heartbeat? Playing music, lullabies or soothing music are also ideal ways to help a baby feel calm. The act of gently touching and caressing your belly is comforting for a baby and is another way of bonding with your baby before its arrival.

There are some useful tips in this guide too such as making sure you rest and slow down during your pregnancy. Take it easy, make sure you look after yourself. Evidence shows that if a mother is less stressed during her pregnancy the baby benefits too! All the nutrients you feed your body are feeding your baby too! There are useful links such as this one

It is important for a mom-to-be to look after her wellbeing and stay active. Simple every day activities include going for a walk, doing some gentle stretching, or pregnancy yoga is a great way to give yourself time to focus (Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for depression and anxiety during pregnancy).

Of course, every relationship is different, some find that pregnancy brings them closer together and others find that they need some support. If you need to talk to someone, do it! - Talk to your partner or friend, accept offers of help and remember you are not alone.

Many ‘parents to be’ ask themselves if others think they are doing this right. Simply, the answer is you are doing great! Just remember your pregnancy is UNIQUE! And, every pregnancy is different. You might find it helpful to prepare for parenthood and here are some more useful links to help you:

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