What's Dog, Duck and Cat (DDC) about?

The DDC characters were originally created as a way to talk to key stage 1 and 2 students about Alcohol, Medicines and Tobacco.

In 2014 this remit was greatly extended. The Sandwell Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP), who review all deaths in those aged 18 and under in the borough, asked if issues they were highlighting could be addressed using the DDC resources. This is how we’ve reached this point today.

Aims of the DDC Trust, with your help, is to:

  • For children to learn about staying safe, in a way that is fun and age appropriate, in their day to day lives and in their local community
  • To ensure children receive consistent safeguarding messages to prevent household accidents and incidents
  • To address, and educate on, subjects that affect a child’s mental health and emotional well being
  • To promote ‘safety first’ thinking, both inside the home and in the community
  • To assist Parents, Carers and Guardians (PCG) in building rapport with their children
  • To promote PCG and Child Quality Time, to build a child’s resilience, and to provide resources to facilitate this
  • To ensure children know, and they believe, that they have a person in their life, that they trust and can to talk to, if they are ever worried or scared about anything, no matter how awful or small their concern may be

Resources are provided for early years, primary schools and PCG, so that children receive a 360 Safeguarding approach.

Dog, Duck & Cat Trust is a registered charity and as such we rely on donations in order to continue to offer our services and resources. If you would like donate in order to help our work please click here. Alternatively if you would like to get involved in fundraising activities to further help our work please click here.

If you would like to get involved, then please email us: info@dogduckandcat.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you

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